Monprivato Vineyard

Vigneto Monprivato in Castiglione Falletto
MONPRIVATO Vineyard in Castiglione Falletto

The Mauro Mascarello family MONPRIVATO vineyard is located in the village of Castiglione Falletto, and is a classic prime medium-hillside site stretching over six hectares (15 acres) at 280 metres above sea level, in the heart of the Barolo wine-growing area. It is historic vineyard, as is confirmed by old land registry archives dating back to 1666.

MonprivatoRenato Ratti, the great scholar of the history of the Langa around Alba, listed it in 1985 amongst the eleven first category historic vineyards in the Barolo wine-growing area.

The Monprivato vineyard lies on soil originating from the Helvetian era of the Miocene epoch in the Tertiary period. it is composed of clayey-silty marl, with good structure, a high content of active limestone, and a well-proportioned supply of micro-elements. Together with the vineyard’s south-westerly exposure at midday, these elements provide the Barolo wine with excellent body, a subtle bouquet, delicate tar, a lingering aftertaste, an unmistakable clear elegance, and the ability to evolve in a very positive way over time whilst maintaining extraordinary youth and freshness.

MonprivatoThe Mascarello family has always dedicated real passion and love to MONPRIVATO, tending to it with the utmost attention throughout its production lifecycle.

The Monprivato cru is only bottled – with a numbered label – in outstanding and excellent vintages. Any vintages which are not adjudged to be up to this extremely high quality standard become part of the normal Barolo, while others are sold as Nebbiolo Langhe.

Monprivato Vineyard

LOCATION: CASTIGLIONE FALLETTO, at the centre of the Barolo wine-growing area, Map Sheet 4
PROPERTY: in the MASCARELLO family since 1904
AREA: 6.13.12 Ha
ALTITUDE: 280 m above sea level
SOIL: silty, calcareous, packed with active limestone, composed of blue-grey marl of marine formation from the Helvetian era of the Miocene epoch, Tertiary period
CONFORMATION: as there are no surrounding obstacles, it is blessed by the sun’s rays all day long
SUBDIVISIONS: Cascina Mascarello (Cà d’Morissio in the Piedmontese dialect) Cascina Mirasole
VINES PLANTED: NEBBIOLO throughout, planted at various times from the ’60s thru to 1996
SPECIAL NOTES: this is a historic vineyard, as is documented by land registry archives dating back to 1666, and it was listed by the celebrated wine-maker Renato Ratti as one of the eleven top class historic vineyards in the Barolo wine-growing area