Langhe DOC Freisa Toetto®

Langhe Doc Freisa Toetto - Mascarello

Grape-variety: Freisa.
Vineyard: Toetto®, in the village of Castiglione Falletto (CN)
Grape Harvest: Beginning of October.
Wine-making process: Traditional-style, floating cap fermentation of selected estate-grown grapes for 15/20 days. The wine is then matured in medium-sized Slavonian oak barrels for few months or stabilized in inert tank.
Expected cellar life: 4/6 years
Bottling: After two years following the vintage
Tasting notes:
Colour: deep ruby-red;
Nose: varietal, spicy;
Taste: dry, characteristic, good body with a lot of tannnis.
Type of bottle: Albeisa
Serving temperature: approx. 18°
Storage: Lying down in cool, dark surroundings
Pairings: Cold cuts, hors-d’oeuvres in general, pasta dishes, cheese; recommended with spicy food and ethnic cuisine.