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Vinforum – Maestro Mascarello.
A wine tasting could be so many different things. It could be about quality or not or about the matter of taste. These are for trivialities to reckon the day you meet the wine and the people behind it, giving you the feeling of being present in a unity of senses ! Where communcation, verbal or with the glass feels right for you. Those moments are rare. That is why we will remember Mauro Mascarello..

The wine did not need too much translation and Mauro said it all by his strong voice and body language.

Nebbiolo is a demanding grape, but the grape gives so much back.

Mauro Mascarello knows what he is talking about, as one of 5-6 barolo producers still running traditionally. Which in pracsis means 20-30 days of maceration, long aging in big slovakian casks and long maturation in bottle before release on the market. Mascarello releases his wines one year later than the others, and for that reason the 1999 is youngest vintage available.

More than any other grape nebbiolo is characterized by the soil and the climate. Time given the wine is also of major importance – both in fermentation, on cask, in bottle and in the glass.

Mauro does not like barrique as the the tannins from the grapes are superior to everything else, and with the nebbiolo having fine components, this is not to combine with a big dose of oak. It makes you warm at heart when people expresses such an understanding of wine quality.

And there is plenty of quality. In spite of the bright color that could indicate a light wine, this is about wines rich in substance with layers of fruit, flowers and components of soil full of minerals – typical for Barolo, in combination with great acidity and tough tannins. Wonderful wines.

Not as wonderful is it that the wine sells very little. Even with only a few Mascarello wines available in Norway the importer can tell that they sell very little. This in spite of the wine costing nearly the half of the Barolo wines natural comparing with.

It takes time to make good friends, Mascarello reminded us of, and this goes also for barolo. But there has to be a limit to how long it should take us Norwegians to be friends with maybe one of the best wines in the world ?