Posizione della cantina MascarelloThe Mascarello winery has been located since 1919 in Monchiero, in an 18th century Piedmontese civil style architecture building which was originally used for storing natural ice.

The cellars can be visited by appointment throughout the year, except between Christmas and the Epiphany and during the first two weeks in August. A special area inside the winery is reserved for the tasting of our wines. Groups of more than 10 people cannot be accepted.


MONCHIERO can be reached by taking one of the following motorways:

AUT. PIACENZA – TORINO – A21: Asti-Est exit
AUT. TORINO – SAVONA – A6: Marene exit
AUT. SAVONA – TORINO – A6: Mondovì exit
The winery is located in the village of MONCHIERO, in the Tanaro river valley.